Fish4Ever wholeheartedly believe that there is an honest alternative to unsustainable over fishing.


They're passionate and proud of their use of human-scale Small Boats First initiatives and their holistic ‘land-sea-people' approach to sustainability. 


Fish4Ever canned fish and fish in jars is a product that is trusted the world over and is a high-quality fish brand with real ethics at its core.

Greenpeace Australia has rated Fish4Ever's pole and line caught skipjack tuna the most sustainable for seven years in a row, which sets the gold standard for sustainable fishing. It's the best skipjack tuna in the world in terms of quality and meaningful sustainability. 


Fish4Ever are the crusaders of our seas, dedicated to protecting them and their marine life. But they also care about the people who go out and catch their fish, the local communities whose livelihoods depend on the sea and those in the small artisan factories that prepare the catch. These fishing communties use only small scale coastal fishing practices.