NO GRAINER / Gluten Free / Paleo Mixed Seed Loaf /600g

NO GRAINER / Gluten Free / Paleo Mixed Seed Loaf /600g


NO GRAINER Paleo Mixed Seed Loaf is for those who prefer a denser more multi-textured bread.
They've taken their classic loaf & amped it up a notch by adding a huge helping of organic white & black sesame seeds & pepitas.


Because of its density, this bread is the perfect base for a fully loaded open sandwich as it won't cave under the pressure of multiple toppings.

This loaf is a favourite amongst most of our adult taste testers who love a bit of crunch & texture to their bread as well as the added health benefits of organic seeds.

Paleo and ketogenic diet friendly.


Warning: Contains tegg & tree nuts. May contain traces of sesame seeds and Dairy.

*Made in a dedicated gluten free kitchen.


Hand-made in Melbourne. 

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