Burd Eggs  are laid by 100% free range hens, with access to the fresh country air, everyday!

About Us 

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The Burd family have been involved in farming for over 55-years, spanning three generations; farming is who we are! Our first farm was established in the Goulbourn Valley – the heart of one of Australia’s most productive farming regions.

The Burd Eggs brand was established by Zac Burd in 2015, with the aim of continuing his grandfather’s legacy and his unique and passionate way of farming. Some of Zac’s earliest memories are of being in a chicken shed, with his grandfather David by his side.

Burd Eggs supplies some of Melbourne and Victoria's most popular and renowned cafes, restaurants, caterers, bakeries, and hotels. Our consistent quality, reliable supply, and first-class service ensure that our clients and chefs are always smiling!

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