Frequently asked questions

Where do you deliver to?

We will delivery anywhere in the Melbourne metropolitan area – up to 20km from the CBD.

Is there a minimum order?

The minimum order is two dozen eggs.

How much is delivery?

For all orders over $30 delivery is FREE! There is a $10 delivery fee for orders under $30.

What is the purpose of this online store?

Due to current COVID-19 concerns and the need for social distancing, three local produce suppliers – Burd Eggs, Saint Daid's Dairy, and Dench bakery – have joined forces to offer delivery of our locally produced and high quality fresh foods to homes all across Melbourne.

Unable to go to shopping cart?  

Please make sure your browser is up to date and please refresh your "cache"
which can be found in browser history. 

Still having difficulties? 

Please call and we will process your order.

For queries or technical difficulties please contact 0428 733 337

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